Archimedes screw

Archimedes screw
讘讜专讙 讗专讻讬诪讚住 (诪转拽谉 诇讛注诇讗转 诪讬诐 讘诪砖讗讘讜转 诪讬诐 注"讬 住讬讘讜讘 讘讜专讙)
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(讙专讜讘 讘讜讘讬住 讬"注 诐讬诪 转讜讘讗砖诪讘 诐讬诪 转讗诇注讛诇 谉拽转诪) 住讚诪讬讻专讗 讙专讜讘

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  • Archimedes' screw 鈥 was operated by hand and could raise water efficiently 鈥   Wikipedia

  • Archimedes screw 鈥 Screw Screw (skr[udd]), n. [OE. scrue, OF. escroue, escroe, female screw, F. [ e]crou, L. scrobis a ditch, trench, in LL., the hole made by swine in rooting; cf. D. schroef a screw, G. schraube, Icel. skr[=u]fa.] 1. A cylinder, or a cylindrical… 鈥   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Archimedes' screw 鈥 or Archimedean screw n. an ancient water raising device attributed to Archimedes, made up of a spiral tube coiled about a shaft or of a large screw in a cylinder, revolved by hand 鈥   English World dictionary

  • Archimedes' screw 鈥 Archimedean Ar chi*me*de an, a. [L. Archimedeus.] Of or pertaining to Archimedes, a celebrated Greek philosopher; constructed on the principle of Archimedes screw; as, Archimedean drill, propeller, etc. [1913 Webster] {Archimedean screw}, or… 鈥   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • archimedes' screw 鈥 noun Usage: usually capitalized A : a device consisting of a tube bent spirally around an axis or of a broad threaded screw incased by a hollow open cylinder and used to raise water by rotating the apparatus when partly immersed in a slantwise… 鈥   Useful english dictionary

  • Archimedes' screw 鈥 noun Etymology: Archimedes Date: 1728 a device made of a tube bent spirally around an axis or of a broad threaded screw encased by a cylinder and used to raise water 鈥   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Archimedes screw 鈥 鈻 technology 聽聽聽聽聽聽machine for raising water, allegedly invented by the ancient Greek scientist Archimedes for removing water from the hold of a large ship. One form consists of a circular pipe enclosing a helix and inclined at an angle of about… 鈥   Universalium

  • Archimedes screw 鈥 noun A screwlike device invented by Greek mathematician Archimedes, ca. 200 , which when twisted inside a cylinder, raises water from a lower level to a higher level, allowing irrigation of fields. Syn: Archimedean screw 鈥   Wiktionary

  • Archimedes'screw 鈥 Ar路chi路me路des screw (盲r k蓹 m膿使d膿z) n. See Archimedean screw. * * * 鈥   Universalium

  • Archimedes' screw 鈥 a device consisting essentially of a spiral passage within an inclined cylinder for raising water to a height when rotated. Also, Archimedean screw. Also called water snail. [1860 65] * * * 鈥   Universalium

  • Archimedes screw 鈥 device for raising water which consists of a spiral passage or a screw encased in a cylinder 鈥   English contemporary dictionary

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